Oxfordshire Strategic Model

What is it?

The next generation of transport modelling and simulations. The new platform will deliver the evidence base for infrastructure decisions to support housing and economic growth. But this is just the starting point, it will also enable testing and development of policies, scenarios, mobility services, smart & energy infrastructure and the integration of operational capabilities into an easy to use platform.

This is a UK first for a Local Authority in using the Innovation Partnership Procurement Process so that they can not only procure a solution that doesn't exist yet in the market but also share revenues from the commercialisation of the solution.

What we're doing

Working closely with the OCC team we developed a holistic approach that united procurement, legal, finance and innovation teams to deliver this groundbreaking R&D programme.

We're bringing together data providers, technology, modelling and knowledge-based organisations to form consortia with OCC to create a dynamic, future-proof platform.

The official procurement process is now open and over the course of November 2018 we'll be working with OCC and potential suppliers to develop consortia to deliver the right solution


Insight, Communication, Commercialisation


March 2018


Oxfordshire County Council